Friday, June 23, 2017

Manifest Destiny, The Dearwood or Bust Wagon Train

Top for Manifiest DestinyThe United States as we know it was built in part by rugged individuals in a rugged country.  The road west was a trial of endurance,IMG_7150_396compressed survival, and determination.   The only way one can really On the trail_926compressed understand the adversities faced by our ancestors is to experience it all for oneself.  Experience the danger,  the cold , the hardships, the Hail, Rain, & Snow, or the hard wagon floors or cold dirt that will be ones bed.  The snakes, predators, and varmints of both the four and two legged varieties that provide a constant element of danger.  The adversities of preparing ones meal over an open fire.  The challenges of repairing broken wagons and calming scared horses.  A continuous  endeavor of keeping ones faith intact, and sidearm IMG_7176_373compressed clean.  The willingness to surrender ones comfort, as well ones personal cleanliness.  All for a better future, to build, to grow as a person as well as grow the crops and assets that will feed and grow the Nation.  To manifest ones destiny.  

One of the few natural resources available was the Wild American Mustang.  It is part of our heritage.  Part of us all being Americans.  More important than statues.  More significant than museums. A virtual living American heritage.  One of the few that still exist today.  Without the Wild Mustang, we would not be who or what we are.  An America that     would go on to create the Nation that would save the world some day from tyranny and oppression.  The land of the Free.

Today, the Wild Mustang is facing changing policies that could endanger it’s very existence. Policies that weigh more on the benefits of the wealthy, of financial profits and corporate welfare, than the history and IMG_7213_927compressed heritage of the People of the United States. 
This brings us to here and now.  A group of American Cowboys and Cowgirls, along the the Bureau of Land Management, recently decided  to prove the value of the breed byIMG_7753_914compressed driving a team made of two Mustangs with 6 months training, and two Paint Horses, with only 30 days of training.  To do this they relied on the expertise of of horse trainers Dave Herring
of Colorado and Steve Mantle of Wyoming.  Starting out with a gentling process by Steve Mantle and sons, and finishing with 6 months of training to pull the wagon with Dave Herring, the Mustangs performed flawlessly.  

This is part 1, part two featuring details of the trip and the Dearwood Ranch Mustang event will be soon to come.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Ride Compete, Safe Arrival at Dearwood Ranch

Top for a ride completeAfter a successful ride we arrived at Dearwood Ranch complete. As I there was no internet connections in the Mountains or at the ranch, I wasn’t able to IMG_8253_618compressed post any updates.  Look forward to a full story in a few days covering the entireDearwood or Bust sign ride.   Next year we are hoping to have an entire Wagon train. 
For now, enjoy some photos from the trip below.






IMG_7420_261compressed IMG_7438_608compressed



IMG_7158_389compressed IMG_7170_378compressed



Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Colorado to Wyoming Mustang Ride, Heading out on the Trail.

Sheep Crick ranch for Top

This was written about 40 hours ago;     We arrived at our launching point, and on preparing to ride out as I write this post.  Located in beautiful upper Cherokee Park 8500ft,, the 350 acres of the Dear Creek Ranch is a site to behold.   Our gracious hosts, Steve and Sherri GulleySteve and Sherri Gully, Owners of the Sheep Crick Ranch made this adventureIMG_7032_139compressed possible by providing our starting, or jumping off point.  We will be heading west on our horses and wagon towards 4 Corners.  We will be passing through a Buffalo ranch, so look forward to some Buffalo photos, if Happy (my horse) will get me close enough.  IMG_7056_117compressed After a Chili Supper, and Campfire stories, it was early to bed with the Sunset.  It will be an early and busy start. 

With Breakfast served it off to work  Today’s preparations
IMG_7105_251compressed include rigging the Wagon, and finishing our horses, ensuring that they will be OK around the Wagon and the equipment we will be carrying on them.   Our departure time is estimated as when we leave.  IMG_7090_092compressed

As on the trail we will have limited phone service, and what we do get will not be the best, so you may not here from us again … for at least a few days.  I am however yet faithful we will get a signal and get connected and I will be able to upload this post. 
Wish me luck.

Below, a few of the photos from Sheep Creek Ranch.


IMG_7078_099compressed IMG_7028_142compressed IMG_7055_118compressed


IMG_7103_081compressed IMG_7017_153compressed


IMG_7019_151compressed IMG_7069_107compressed IMG_7067_109compressed IMG_7037_134compressed









Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mustang Ride Prep Day Two, Trying out the Horses

Ride post top 3How and what you ride matters.  Preparation is the key to success.  All of this matters in every aspect of life, but on the trail, it can really matter matter.  From the feet, IMG_6443or hooves, as horses IMG_6581are built from the ground up to the cooking gear one plans on using, every aspect is looked at. 

The day started as usual with feeding, both the horses (first) then us.  Tack a gear, a light tripod, that due to a missing mounting plate had to be “rigged”.  It helps to have tools.  A pair of riding chaps is always nice to keep the pants clean, and bugs off.  Later, a horseback ride to familiarize with my mount and check the tack and gear I will be riding with.  All and all, a productive day.  Early tomorrow will set out. 

We will be riding Mak on first ride with Happyout from Sheep Creek Ranch, near Livermore, Colorado on the morning after IMG_6559Memorial Day, May 30th.   If you or anyone you know would like to to join us on the ride or wagon, or want more information, feel free to call Dave at (303) 517-39 one two.

Tomorrow I will have todays video on todays preparations.  I didn’t have time to upload it even though it is done.

If you wish to show your  support, you can here … here.